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When I first started getting into blogging and photography, I was convinced everyone had marble countertops and subway tile backsplashes. It never occurred to me that they could be using backdrops to create a scene.
Now I am less naïve and much more knowledgeable. Not everyone is blessed with a kitchen designed by Joanna Gaines so we have to fake it. This is where the magic of backdrops comes in.

Photography backdrops help you create the high-quality food and product photography that your clients are looking for. A good backdrop is designed to look exceptional on camera while enhancing the food or product you’re shooting.

Photography backdrops also help you diversify your images. If you use the same background for every shoot your images will eventually start to all look alike. While this is great for a personal portfolio, clients want product photos that are unique to them and their business. Having an array of backdrops will help you meet this need.

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What to Look for in a Photography Backdrop

When I first started shooting for my beauty and lifestyle blog I used contact paper as a backdrop. While this worked, there were some limitations. Contact paper often has a sheen to it that reflects in images. Contact paper is also not waterproof so if you get food or liquid on it, it could be damaged.

A good photography backdrop should include the following:

  • A matte surface that won’t reflect in images
  • Be big enough to capture a scene (2’ x 3’ is a good starting size)
  • Water and food resistant if you plan on shooting food
  • A simple design or pattern that won’t distract from the focus of your image

The Best Photography Backdrops

Below are three companies that excel in making photography backdrops. They’re all high quality and, if treated with care, will last you a long time.

Replica Surfaces
Mandy Gleason founded Replica Surfaces in 2018. The backdrops are high-quality and lightweight, making them easy to transport to on-site shoots. They’re also incredibly lifelike, making setting up a faux kitchen or bathroom so simple! You’ll be shooting stunning images in no time.
Some quick facts about Replica Surfaces:

  • One surface starts at $77
  • All designs are 300 dpi
  • Surfaces measure 23 x 23 inches square
  • Surfaces are resistant to stains from water and food substances, but should be cleaned and dried promptly after use
  • The surfaces are rigid and cannot be folded or rolled
  • Thin enough to store easily but a bit bulkier for travel
  • Custom stands to hold up 2 backdrops

Ink and Elm
Ink and Elm was started by a father daughter team in Temecula, California. Since 2012 the business has grown to offer an extensive selection of backdrops for every need. Available in 18 different sizes and countless prints, patterns and designs, Ink and Elm is the perfect solution for baby portraits, food photography, and everything in between.
Some quick facts about Ink and Elm:

  • Backdrops start at just $14.99!
  • Ink and Elm backdrops are printed on strong, matte, durable vinyl using the longest lasting inks and state of the art technology
  • The vinyl is constructed of fabric between a thin layer of vinyl and is tear resistant as well as water resistant
  • Can be rolled up for easy travelling and storage
  • Not stain resistant
  • Can be hung with clamps, a backdrop stand, or laid flat

Capture by Lucy
Capture by Lucy backdrops are printed in the Southwest of England and are the ideal solution for content creators, food bloggers, product photographers, and more. Lucy’s designs are truly stunning and will bring a unique element to your food and product photography. Like Ink and Elm there is a wide variety of backdrops, meaning you’re bound to find one that suits your needs!

Some quick facts about Capture by Lucy:

  • Backdrops are 2 ft x 3 ft· $33 per backdrop
  • They are all large scale format prints of an original photograph taken by Lucy
  • Printed on smooth, durable material they are wipeable and roll for easy storage in a postal cardboard tube
  • Surfaces use a grey backed for complete opacity, lightweight PVC vinyl, with a scratch resistant coating for durability
  • This is wipe clean, anti curl lay flat material and designed for digital printing

If you decide to purchase backdrops from any of these companies, tag me in your photos on Instagram! I want to see how you use them to capture beautiful images.

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