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Client Shoot with Claudia Meyer by AM Knizek Photo

I’m very excited to go behind the scenes of a recent client shoot on the blog today!

Back in May I was contacted by Claudia Meyer, a chaplain in Albany NY.  The bulk of her business is officiating weddings (how fun!) and just like so many of us, her business has been affected by COVID-19. Some of her weddings have been postponed or cancelled, while other couples are choosing to elope or have a micro-wedding in lieu of their big ceremony.

Like any smart business owner, Claudia pivoted her business. She wanted the couples that chose to elope to still feel like their day was special and something to celebrate. To do so, Claudia is now offering champagne and cake packages for the bride, groom, and any potential guests to enjoy after the ceremony!

Claudia enlisted my help to create some content to advertise her new packages, and I am so grateful that she chose me to bring her vision to life! With the state of the world right now, weddings and love are two of the things we all still have to look forward to. Even if a couple decides to get married now and celebrate with friends and family later, they deserve to have a special and fun wedding day. Claudia’s cake and champagne packages are the perfect option.

We discussed the project over the phone, talking through the three packages and what Claudia was looking for in each photo. We also discussed Claudia’s brand colors (blue and purple) and how we could work those into the photos. Claudia had some blue paper napkins and we both agreed that some purple flowers would be a great addition to the photos.

Once she had everything, Claudia kindly brought all of the cakes and champagne to me so I could shoot at home. She even provided a shot list and a cheap bottle of champagne that I could open and use in the photos. She was so sweet to work with and truly a dream client!

After picking up some flowers to add a pop of color to the photos, I got to work creating some custom content for Claudia.

The Photos

Claudia Meyer offers 4 packages, Newly Wed, Small Cheers, Medium Cheers, and Big Cheers. The size of the bottle of the champagne and the number of cakes differ between the packages and this was the most important thing to showcase in the photos.

Newly Wed

This package includes 3 bundt cake, a small bottle of champagne, and 3 champagne glasses.

Small Cheers

The Small Cheers package includes a bottle of champagne, six glasses, and six bundt cakes. Stacking the cakes was the best way to fit them into the image, with one outside of its packaging to showcase the cake.

Medium Cheers

The Medium Cheers Package includes a bottle of champagne, 12 bundt cakes, and 12 champagne glasses. You can see that after the first photo with the full bouquet of flowers I opted for a smaller arrangement instead. The large bouquet was too distracting and I felt as if there was no good place to position them in the frame. The smaller arrangement worked out much better!

Big Cheers

At this point Claudia and I knew we would not be fitting all of the items included in the package into one photo. If you run into this problem yourself, simply including some of what’s included in the photo is enough to show your customers or client what they will be getting. You can list all of the items included in the package either in the caption on social media or in the product description on your website.

Work With Me!

Have a new product or service you need photos for? In addition to food and product photography, I offer brand photography so you can share custom content with your customers. This shoot with Claudia Meyer is a wonderful example of what I can do for you and your business. Contact me today to discuss and get started planning a shoot.

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