Brooklyn Gin Shoot

In addition to shooting for clients, I make it a point to do personal projects, both for portfolio building and creativity’s sake. This shoot was a bit of both! I was itching to do a cocktail shoot and have had my eye on the gorgeous Brooklyn Gin for a while now. The beautiful aqua bottle mixed with the metal details creates a vintage, slightly masculine vibe that I LOVE. I’ve also been wanting to do a shoot with vintage-inspired glassware for ages. I knew this shoot was my opportunity!

After deciding to make a classic Gin and Tonic for this shoot I found these glasses on Amazon. They were the perfect fit! My vision for this shoot was a vintage feel but with an updated, modern twist. That “twist” would come from the hard light and shadows along with the cracked backdrop I chose. I create a mood board for each of my shoots so I can collect my thoughts and streamline my process. You can see the mood board for this shoot by clicking here!

These are some of my favorite images to date and I hope you love them as well. Cheers!

cocktails on a white backdrop
brooklyn gin cork
Person holding a cocktail
cocktail on a wood backdrop
gin and tonics with limes and rosemary
cocktails on a cement backdrop
two cocktails with hard shadows on a white backdrop
Gin and Tonic with Brooklyn Gin
Rosemary Gin and Tonic
Rosemary Gin and Tonic with Limes
Brooklyn Gin with two gin and tonics
Brooklyn Gin cork and bottle with hard shadows
Beef Tacos
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Bartender putting garnish on a cocktail

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