About the Photographer

Audrey Marie Knizek

AM Knizek Photo specializes in providing stunning food and product photography. Through constant communication, innovation, and creativity, AM Knizek Photo works to create on-brand content that stops fans and followers in their tracks every time.

Hey there!

Hi, I'm Audrey! Born and raised in upstate NY, I work with businesses to capture what their products and food are all about. I am extremely passionate and dedicated to what I do, and am always striving to achieve the best for my clients. I deliver quality content to businesses that gets them noticed, both on and offline, and helps bring in business.

I stumbled into photography after starting a beauty and lifestyle blog in 2015. As my blog and Instagram grew more successful, I found myself focusing more on the photography aspect and less on the actual blog posts. To me, there's nothing better than figuring out how to style a shot to best showcase the subject!

I love a good flatlay and understand a business' need for quality and professional images. Whether you're looking for images for your e-commerce site or you're in need of branding for social media, I've got you covered.

A Few Fun Facts

I have seen the complete Gilmore Girls series at least 6 times (I've honestly lost count)

Corgis are the best dogs and I will stand by this until the day I die

My dream travel destination is a vineyard in Italy (I'll go to any, I'm not picky!)

I love to read but don't ask for my favorite book - I can't decide!

Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

Food and product photography is all about taking a dish or an item and capturing what’s truly special about it. It’s about telling a story and drawing your audience in because they want to know more. Your brand has a story to tell – let me be the one to help you tell it! Schedule your free discovery call today and let’s chat!